6 Tips To Turn Social Media Followers Into Customers

Jul 15, 2020

Social media is a great way for small businesses to market their product, services and brand. However, if your social media followers aren’t converting into customers what’s the point?

Let’s take a look at the top 6 ways your small business can turn social media followers into paying customers:

#1 Attract the right followers for your business

Obvious but often forgotten! The number one way to turn social media followers into paying customer is to make sure your followers ARE your target market and fit into your ideal customer criteria.

To attract the right type of followers to your social media platforms you need to firstly understand your ideal customer and what interests and engages them.

When you understand your ideal customer and create an Ideal Customer Persona you can better tailor all your social media marketing and sales efforts, including what to post, when to post and how to engage plus much, much more.

So remember, your aim is to grow a social media following of your ideal customers not just to build followers!

#2 Help followers to your website

The smoother and easier you make it for your social media followers to find your website the closer you are to turning them into a customer.

Depending on your type of business there are several ways to do this.


If you are a service business remember to add call-to-actions in your posts and link appropriate posts directly back to your website.

This could be as easy as saying for more information visit: yourwebsite.com.au or telling followers the link is in your bio for Instagram.

Product / e-commerce:

Add product tags to your posts. This is an easy way to help customers to see a product you sell and jump smoothly to your sales page.

‘Instagram Shopping’ has been available and very successful for many businesses. Now ‘Facebook Shops’ is being rolled out and expected to also be a valuable feature for many e-commerce businesses.

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#3 Shift followers onto your database 

Because of Facebook’s algorithms only 1% to 8% of your followers will see your organic post (i.e. not advertising). Instagram’s average organic reach is 4.7%. Contrast this with the average email open rate of over 20%! That is a huge difference of how many eyeballs see your content! We know that the more people who see your offer the more people will buy so why wouldn’t you aim to move your social media followers onto your database? 

Including valuable lead magnets in your social media strategy is the easiest and most effective way to shift your social media followers onto your database.


#4 ‘Value, value, value, then ask’ Formula

No one likes to be sold at! Businesses that offer lots of value to their prospective customers before asking for a sale will always fair better in business than their sales-pushy equivalents. 

If you are able to provide tremendous free value to your followers you are utilising a powerful marketing tool that quickly engages, fosters a relationship and builds trust with potential customers. This in turn helps your business shorten the customer journey and turn your social media followers into customers! 

Businesses can provide value in many different formats which will usually fall within one of these categories; entertainment, inspiration or education.

Remember, just because the value offering is free doesn’t mean that it should be sub-par. You should put effort into your free value offerings as this is the first transaction a prospective customer will have with your business so you want to make it a successful one!


#5 Benefits before features

It's typically better to go with a benefits-heavy marketing approach because benefits drive consumer purchases!

FEATURES are aspects of your product which could be technical or descriptive, setting it apart from your competitors.

BENEFITS are why that feature matters to your customers. In other words, how that feature makes their life better.

Features tell customers WHAT they are buying, and benefits tell customers WHY they are buying it.

If you can create posts that help your followers see how their life would be better with your products or services you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead in turning them into a customer.


#6 Be active and responsive 

One of the most important aspects to a successful social media strategy for small business is to post regularly - continuing to be relevant to your audience. 

Active also means being responsive to any questions and comments your followers (ideal customers) might have with your products and services.

Consider a question via social media to be like a potential customer calling you. Firstly you’d answer promptly then educate and subtly coax that potential customer along the customer journey from engaged to a converted customer.


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