7 Christmas Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Sales

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…which means your small business has a great opportunity to boost sales and gain new customers through Christmas-themed promotions.

Pro Tip: Don’t just use a Christmas promotions to gain immediate sales, think strategically how this promotion can actually help your business growth next year too.

Top Christmas Promotional Ideas:

#1 - Free Gift

Christmas is all about gift giving! If part of your small business sales and marketing strategy is to build an email list (which definitely should be the case) then offering a free gift is a no brainer.

Offering a Free Gift in exchange for your ideal customer’s email address is a great way to start 2021 with a hot list of potential customers to sell to. 

A Free Gift could entail any kind of ‘lead magnet’ that is desirable to your target market. For example, a free sample, event, webinar, cheat sheet, trial, discount code, gift voucher, free consult, guide, ebook…you’re only limited by your imagination!

#2 - Christmas Discount

A tried and tested sales tactic sure to boost any businesses sales for the end of the year.

Take the time and really offer a Christmas Discount that excites, engages and get your ideal customers to take action.

#3 - Value Add

If discounts don’t suit your businesses brand, then a Value Add is a great option! The great thing about Value Adds is that they make your customers feel special. There are endless Value Add ideas that could work for any small business. For instance, add in extra services, upgrades, a gift with purchase, two-for-one offer.

#4 - Gift Cards

We all have that one person who is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for…right!? That’s when Gift Cards really come into their own. Going to the effort of creating a beautiful gift-worthy Gift Card can help gain new customers (the recipient of the gift card) You can also continue to build your relationship with the purchaser of the Gift Card and potential sales by offering them a promotional gift card. E.G ‘Purchase a $200 Gift Card and receive a $20 just for you’. 

#5 - Gift Packs

Bundling your services or product offerings into a Gift Pack is another great option for some small businesses. You can either make your own packs or collaborate with other businesses that share the same target market as you.

#6 - Free Shipping

Peeeerfect for ecommerce businesses! Shipping costs is the number one reason potential customers ‘abandon cart’ when purchasing online. Helping customers through the buying journey by offering Free Shipping is key. 

#7 - Christmas Contest

I’m not going to lie….I LOVE utilising Giveaways and Contests as a marketing and sales approach. It’s one of those strategies that has the ability to achieve so many goals with one single promotion. Using Giveaways and Contests super-charges your brand awareness, builds an email list seriously quickly AND most importantly gives you the ability to make an abundance of sales!

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