How To Grow Your Small Business In 2021

Want to GROW your small business in 2021?

It’s EASY!

Just focus on building the Know, Like and Trust factor!

Why? Because people buy from businesses and brands they know, like and trust…NOT ones they don’t. Understanding and working on these 3 elements will help your customers progress from knowing that you exist to buying from you. 

What is the Know, Like and Trust Factor? Basically it represents the journey that a person takes when getting to know your brand. They first have to KNOW you. Once they know you, they start to LIKE you and your brand. Once they know and like you, TRUST begins to develop…then you’ve got a great, loyal customer who will advocate your business and brand. 


You need to know who your ideal customers are AND your ideal customers need to know that you exist, that your product or service exists and how it helps solve their problems.


  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Work on truly understanding your ideal customer and their pain points
  • Create the right content
  • Be where your ideal customers are 



Now you’ve got the attention of your ideal customers, you want to focus on getting them to like you. Your product or service could be everything they’ve ever wanted or needed, but if they don’t get a good feeling when they interact with you or your brand, they’re not going to buy.


  • Be authentic and real
  • Be nice
  • Be engaging
  • Be relevant
  • Focus on building relationships before sales
  • Be generous 



The final step is to build the trust between you and your ideal customers. Trust is an integral part of any relationship and this includes business!


  • Be consistent
  • Don’t disappoint
  • Show social proof via reviews, testimonials or case studies

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