Instantly Improve Your Organic Reach With This Little Know Tactic

Did you know that EVERY Facebook users has the option of selecting 30 favourite Pages and people? 

This little know feature means that for 30 lucky Pages and people get to by-pass Facebooks algorithm ensuring that all their content is show to the users who have selected them as a favourite! 

News Feed preferences is a great way Facebook is allowing users to take control and customise what they see. Users who chose to select specific Pages and people as a favourite permit their content to always be at the top of their News Feed.

For small businesses this is a game changer! With organic reach on Facebook at an all-time low of 1.6 – 2%, having your audience choose you as a favourite means your marketing messages are guaranteed to get in front of the right eyeballs AND for free!

HOWEVER, getting people to choose your business page as a favourite is a massive ask! You need to make sure you approach it with care. You need to offer and ensure you are giving users a solid reason to prioritise your content, whether that’s because it’s really entertaining, or because it is truly important they stay informed.

Here’s how users can add your business page to their favourites list: 

Improve Your Visibility On Instagram

Instagram has a similar feature to improve your business profiles visibility among your followers.

Instead of Instagram users adding your page as a favourite they need to turn on notifications from your profile.

Here’s how users can turn on notification from your profile:

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