What To Include On Your Website Homepage

You only get one chance to make a first impression -  Your Website Homepage is it!

Your website homepage is arguably the most important and most visited page on your website and is often the first impression people get of your business. Consider your website homepage as a virtual shop front that needs to make it easy for people to engage and do business with you.

A great website homepage will generate more customers and sales for your small business as well as shorten the buyer journey by quickly building trust with your ideal customers.

No matter the design or layout here are the top 5 things you need on your website homepage:

1. Logo and Branding

Your website homepage needs to clearly convey your brand to help quickly build trust and brand awareness. Be sure to include your logo, brand visuals and colours.

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2. Hero Section

Quick! You’ve got a few seconds to grab your visitor’s attention and get them to stay on your site. Create engagement with a dynamic photo and short, powerful headline, followed up with an explanatory subhead to tell them more.

3. One Clear and Obvious Call-To-Action

What is the most important action you want visitors to do on your website? Is it to call? Book a quote? Make a reservation? Book an appointment? Opt-in to your database? Purchase your products?

Your call-to-action should be prominent and above the first fold (content you can see without scrolling down when your home page is first loaded) of your homepage. 

If you have an ecommerce site include your best-selling product on your homepage - it’s an easy way to help increase sales.

4. Easy Navigation

Nothing makes visitors bounce off your website faster than poor user experience (UX). One important element of UX is your homepage navigation bar. It should be clear and intuitive so visitors can easily jump around your website finding what they’re after.

Note, your navigation menu is a great place to house your logo and your call-to-action!

5. Phone Number

If it’s important for visitors to call you add a text overlay of your contact number on your navigation bar. This makes it super easy for potential customers to call you directly from their mobiles.

6. Social Proof

Ideally, your homepage should inspire trust. You can do this easily by adding social proof elements, such as testimonials, reviews, media mentions and business awards.

Here is an example of a homepage layout that can be universally applied to most businesses.

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