How To Create A Winning Instagram Bio For Your Small Business 💪

Your Instagram bio is a very important piece of real estate of your Instagram business profile. If you are looking to attract followers and create business from your Instagram profile, having a snazzy bio is a surefire way to grab your visitors attention and compel them to click the follow button.⁠

Here are our top tips on how to create a winning Instagram Bio for your Small Business.⁠

📸 Profile Pic

Using your logo or a shortened version of your logo is ideal. This will help with brand recognition. Also be sure to use the same profile image across your other social media profiles for brand consistency, which builds trust.⁠

🔥 Headline

Did you know that the Name field in your bio is completely separate from your username? AND you can edit it to include keywords that relate to your business. Those keywords are the only searchable keywords on your bio.⁠

👌 Title

Choose a title that best describes your business.⁠

🙌 Value Statement

Use the body of your bio to highlight who you are and what you do. Consider a format that helps visitors quickly understand your business value to them.⁠

👉 Call-To-Action

Since Instagram only gives you one link on your profile, it’s a good idea to use the last line to tell visitors what’s in it for them if they click your link. For example, if you’re offering a new promo, resource, or limited time offer, make sure to let your profile visitors know.⁠

🤳 Story Highlights

Create a cohesive set of cover art for your highlights. They can elevate your brand aesthetic and bring together all your content for a clean, crisp look.⁠

📍Contact Details

Having a business profile enables you to include your email address, phone number and physical address on your profile without needing to use up any character space in your bio. For traditional brick and mortar stores or businesses, a clickable link to your store location can be a real help for your followers and improve foot-traffic through your doors.

😊 Emojis

Using emojis can save space in your bio and show personality. However, you need to make sure that emojis fit with your brand personality. Also be sure you’re using the right emoji for the intended purpose as many emojis have double meanings 🤭

#️⃣ Hashtags

Any profile usernames or hashtags that you add into your Instagram bio will become clickable links! That means you can use your personal Instagram bio to promote your Instagram business profile or share where you work by mentioning your company’s Instagram username.

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