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Finding the right graphic designer to enhance your brand

Apr 28, 2020

Choosing the right graphic designers is important because they are the ones you rely on to make your brand image visual.

But you also need to keep in mind that graphic designers are only about visual image and that is just one part of your overall brand image. 

Strong brands are all about consistency. Everything about your business needs to be in line with your brand promise - the products you sell, how they are packaged and delivered, how you and your people behave and, yes, how your graphics look to customers. If you are unswerving with your consistency you will convey great reliability which is paramount in having a strong brand.

Thus, you really need to be able to provide a designer with a brand document, known as your Brand Identity, that sets out a clear idea of how you want to be perceived. 

It’s your job to get clarity and agreement within your business about who you are and what you stand for, not the designer’s.

To make sure a prospective designer...

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Don’t take a risk – be consistent

Apr 24, 2020

What most really successful brands are able to do is to change (meaning evolve, refresh, move with the times, adapt to new opportunities etc) while staying consistent with who they are and what customers like about them and expect from them – in others words, staying recognisable and reliable. 

It’s important to retain your relevance in the market and this means changing to respond to new customer circumstances or needs. But with change comes the potential to inadvertently allow your brand to veer off course and cause irreparable damage.

If there’s no consistency in what you do, then you are essentially launching something new all the time and throwing away a lot of hard-earned goodwill. At its most basic, consistency is all about reducing risk by establishing trust. “I know that brand and I like what they offer me.” 

Unfortunately, for too many people brand consistency means only the brand’s graphics – use of logo, colour, correct...

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