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Two Turtle Doves Branding Courses


Without a strong brand your business will not reach the levels of success you desire.

With a brand that is recognised, relevant and reliable you will attract and retain the right customers and the right staff for your business and there will be less market sensitivity to price enabling higher margins. Importantly your brand will provide guidance on all decision-making ensuring efficient use of your resources and ultimately make your business more valuable should you wish to sell it in the future

Based on the accumulated knowledge and skills of years of consulting to many and varied businesses our branding courses will set you up with the necessary know-how to develop your brand in house.

Branding 101 will give you the basics to get you going to create a solid and appealing brand - how to research your market, creating powerful points of difference and practical actions to grow your brand.

Our Advanced Courses will provide guidance if there are opportunities to extend your brand upwards, downwards or sideways as well as going into greater depth regarding specific brand-building strategies like sponsorship and PR.

If there are specific areas of brand development you’d like us to deliver we’d love to hear from you.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been a key leveller for small businesses competing against large companies to get their fair share of the market.

Online and digital marketing activities such as social media marketing, email marketing, search marketing and online advertising all fall under the Digital Marketing umbrella which, when you get down to it, is simply marketing.

Our online digital marketing courses range from the fundamentals of digital marketing for small business to latest finger-on-the-pulse advanced strategies and implementation techniques that will give any small business owner or marketer the skills required to market and promote their small business giving them the opportunity to grow, succeed and prosper.

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Business Development

These individual short courses add to your business-building armoury and include topics such as managing the client relationship, selling skills, networking, communication skills and business development skills for professionals.

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